Breight Group, formerly known as Pilbara Access, have been leaders and specialists in the Access industry for over 12 years, We have been providing Scaffolding and Rope Access to Mining, Oil and Gas and other resource sectors. Access at all levels is part of our DNA.

Using our industry experience we can provide turn-key solutions to any project.

Shutdowns and key maintenance activities also call upon the expertise of our Mechanical department. The process is seamless.

Access projects are meticulously scoped and designed for each job. The Breight Group in-house Access Engineers simulate each access scenario and provide the safest and most cost effective plan to achieve the desired outcome.

Each design is planned and developed in CAD and Autodesk. Then technical documents are accessed online or in-field using our 3D digital format. Live schedule tracking and design changes are some of the unique features we offer. All this enables better productivity and superior standards.



Our Services


Mechanical, Structural and routine maintenance activities. Breight Group’s skilled teams have an in-depth understanding of what’s required.

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The Breight Group in-house “Access” Engineers simulate each access scenario and provide the safest and most cost effective plan.

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At Breight Group we think renewables are the future which is why we’re focusing our team’s energies on this growing industry.

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Educating our people is fundamental in their self-dependence, value and worth. It ensures stability and a secure future.

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