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What is the Breight Future program?

  • The Breight Future program covers Scaffolding, Rope Access & Mechanical training. The program provides a unique pathway for students who are looking for career in the Resources Sector, by successfully completing the Breight Future Program  you’ll be provided employment with Breight Group.

What courses are being offered?

  • Nationally Accredited Scaffolding Courses – We are offering Basic Scaffolding training at our training centre Breight Education. Upon successful completion of your course you will commence shutdown and construction work across various sites in Western Australia.
  • Nationally Accredited Rope Access Courses – Candidates with Boilermaker, Rigger or Fitter qualification are encouraged to apply for our Rope Access Training Program. We are committed to continue providing the Resources Sector with highly skilled Tradespeople.
  • Mechanical Skills based training – Candidates will complete their Working at Heights, Confined Spaces & Mechanical Training which will allow to perform a range of Mechanical duties on site. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be enrolled with Breight Group as a Mechanical Trades Assistant and engaged for future projects.

What is the duration of your courses?

  • Basic Scaffolding Course – 10 Days
  • Mechanical Training – 3 Days
  • Working at heights – 1 Day
  • Enter & work in confined spaces – 1 Day
  • Rope Access Level 1 – 5 Days

Meet Toorel

Toorel recently successfully completed her Basic Scaffolding Course through the Breight Future Program and was mobilised to site to commence work.  “I am really happy that I completed my 10 day Basic Scaffolding Course at Breight Education. This has enabled me to have more time to absorb the information which is taught with a strong focus on both the hands on practical and theoretical elements of the course”

Mechanical Training

The Mechanical Training provided is the first of its kind in Australia and is conditioned and set for the Mining and Resources Sector. By leveraging Breight Education’s successful candidates, Breight Group is able to utilise skilled technicians to carry out work on site which provides a reliable platform for both safety and performance.

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Mechanical, Structural and routine maintenance activities. Breight Group’s skilled teams have an in-depth understanding of what’s required.

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The Breight Group in-house “Access” Engineers simulate each access scenario and provide the safest and most cost effective plan.

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At Breight Group we think renewables are the future which is why we’re focusing our team’s energies on this growing industry.

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Educating our people is fundamental in their self-dependence, value and worth. It ensures stability and a secure future.

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