At Breight Group we know Renewables are the future energy source. This is why we are focusing our team’s energies on this growing industry. Europe has led the way, along with the United States, and Australia is destined to follow. In fact, South Australia is already showing the way with over 35% of energy sourced from Renewables.

On a weekly basis new developments in Renewables, such as solar farms and wind energy, are growing at a rate that rivals resource industry projects. In financial year 2018/19 over 550 wind turbines were installed across Australia. This is an accelerated growth rate of 12% plus per annum. We have been working diligently to secure long term contracts in this sector.

We strive as a business to actively encourage further training and development for our employees, in order to enhance future career opportunities and do this by securing a partnership with Breight Education.

We have an innovative and unique business model, with a professional approach that enables us to work with clients in a transparent and open manner. This is reflected through the support from both our management and supervision team’s approach to having a presence onsite, therefore providing all employees a strong understanding of our client’s expectations, values and deliverables.

Australia sell renewable energy in liquid form

News from Queensland and JXGT–Japan. The first shipment of green hydrogen was sent in March 2019. This is energy that has been converted from solar and wind into liquid hydrogen using a process called electro chemical conversion. Australia is poised to be a huge producer of liquid hydrogen and Breight Group plan to be part of this new energy industry.

Australia Renewable Energy Agency


Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)


What we offer


Mechanical, Structural and routine maintenance activities. Breight Group’s skilled teams have an in-depth understanding of what’s required.

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The Breight Group in-house “Access” Engineers simulate each access scenario and provide the safest and most cost effective plan.

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At Breight Group we think renewables are the future which is why we’re focusing our team’s energies on this growing industry.

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Educating our people is fundamental in their self-dependence, value and worth. It ensures stability and a secure future.

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