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Our goal is simple: to teach innovative work practices that enhance safety, reduce variability, and increase productivity in the mining and resources sector.

Breight Education (ASQA Registered RTO #45006) is a recognised education provider. We offer a blended approach with online and facility training tailored to your individual needs.

Our range of nationally recognised training enables individuals to learn new skills, complete tasks safely, and operate new and different equipment. It also ensures you and your workforce are meeting mandated licencing requirements for different types of work and legislation.

We have aligned and modelled our scaffolding training programs on International Best Practice Standards as well as meeting Worksafe and Unit of Competency requirements.

Breight Education scaffolding programs are internationally quality reviewed and Audited by Safety and Access – UK. Clients will be exposed to and trained in a range of ‘gold standard’ skills highly sought after in the scaffolding industry.

Breight's centre of excellence

Breight Education is Australia’s first specialist training facility, located in Rivervale, Perth.
Breight Education prides itself on its state-of-the-art training facility, located centrally in Rivervale. Our training centre is designed and equipped with industry specific equipment, simulating real working environments and providing our graduates with hands-on practical experience.

Our highly experienced Trainers and Assessors are focused on providing clients with a first-class experience based on current industry requirements and practices utilising state-of-the-art equipment.

Centre of excellence
Centre of excellence

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Our range of nationally recognised training ensures workforces are meeting mandated licencing and legislative requirements. We help individuals to gain skills that enable them to confidently step into project teams.

Centre of excellence

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